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Audio engineering is my passion, and I strive to grow with every artist I work with. I recently graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Music Industry and a Concentration in Audio Engineering and Music Production. Over the past 3 years I have honed my recording, mixing, and mastering skills to a professional level, working with artists that have pushed me to become a full-time, freelance audio engineer. My studio is located in Brookline, MA near Coolidge Corner so come visit for a recording session or send over a song that you want mixed or mastered!




For top-quality vocal or instrumental recordings, come to my acoustically treated and sound isolated studio in Boston, MA. 


Mixing is my specialty. I mix a variety of genres but my favorites are Pop, RnB, and Hip Hop. In-person or remotely, I will give a professional sound to your single, EP, or album.


Need a song, EP, or album mastered? I will make your mixes perfectly loud, dynamic, and open for streaming services, radio, and more.

Audio Editing

Do you have a song or audio project that needs tweaking? I can do anything to it to make it sound great including audio cleanup, vocal tuning, vocal isolation, and more. 


Hourly Studio Session (In-Person)

$40+ per Hour
  • Recording, Mixing, and / or Mastering
  • In Person At My Home Studio in Brookline, MA
  • Great Quality Recordings
  • Input During Mixing Process

Remote Mix & Master (Full Stems)

$200+ per Song
  • Up to 100 Stems
  • Streaming & Radio Ready Master
  • 5 Included Revisions
  • 1 In Person Mix Note Session
  • Complete Vocal Tuning (Melodyne + Auto-Tune)

Remote Mix & Master (Beat & Vocals)

$150+ per Song
  • 2 Track Wav or Mp3 Beat + Vocals Stems
  • Streaming & Radio Ready Master
  • 5 Included Revisions
  • 1 In Person Mix Note Session
  • Complete Vocal Tuning (Melodyne + Auto-Tune)

Remote Mastering (Stereo File)

$50+ per Song
  • Streaming & Radio Ready Master
  • 3 Included Revisions
  • Smooth Transitions For EP's & Albums
  • Mix Notes Before Mastering

For Projects, Audio Editing, Vocal Production, and more, contact me for a free video call or meeting!


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Studio Monitors:

  • ADAM Audio A7X's

  • ADAM Audio Sub8

  • Yamaha NS-10's


  • Slate Audio VSX

  • Sennheiser 6XX

  • Audio Technica ATH m50x (x2)


  • Audient id44 mkii

  • Universal Audio Arrow


  • Fab Filter Total Bundle
  • iZotope Ozone 10 Advanced / Neutron 3 Advanced / RX9 Standard / Nectar 3 
  • Plugin Alliance Mix & Master Bundle
  • Softube Weiss Plugins
  • Softube Tube-Tech Complete Bundle


  • Sony C-100

  • Shure SM7B

  • AKG 451b


  • M Audio Keystation 49

  • Akai Mini Wireless Drum Pad

  • Yamaha DTX 500 Electronic Drum Kit

Monitor Controller:

  • Audient Nero



  • Antares Auto-Tune Pro & EFX
  • Celemony Melodyne
  • Waves 13 All Plugins
  • Slate Digital All Access
  • Valhalla Plugins
  • Newfangled Audio Elevate Bundle
  • Sonarworks Reference ID, & more



    Boston, MA




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